Let’s Build Your Story Together

Stuck on plot structure, character motivations, or setting? Need help ironing out the themes of your novel? Just plain need motivation, deadlines, or someone to cheer you on? That’s what I’m here for!

I’m a fledgling editor with a certificate in editing from the University of Washington, 2017. I specialize in assisting authors who plan on self-publishing or submitting to anthologies, and who need someone to give an honest, no-nonsense perspective on how to refine elements of their story into the best it can be.

My rates and fees are negotiable and subject to change based on my availability. Drop me a line with some information on your story, what sort of help you’re looking for, and what sort of deadlines you’re trying to meet. Let’s spin this straw into gold!

Developmental Editor

  • Novel: 95k words, urban fantasy (Feb 2017)
  • Novel: 80k words, urban fantasy (Apr 2017)

Copy Editor

  • Short story: “The Infernal Depository for Extraordinary and Rare Products,” 8k words, urban fantasy, Stronger Together: A Collaborative Anthology (Jul 2018)
  • Novella series: 60k words, YA mermaid fantasy (February 2018)
  • Novella series: 80k words, middle grade mermaid fantasy (December 2017)
  • Novella series: 60k words, vampire action (October 2017)
  • Short story: 2k words, urban fantasy (Jun 2017)
  • Screenplay: 97 pages, historical fiction (Jun 2017)
  • Short story: 750 words, literary fiction (May 2017)

Beta Reader

  • Lex Files by Celeste Castro (Summer 2017)