Destiny 2 Short Story: Further Observation

Author’s note Cross save for Destiny 2 launched a couple months ago. My husband and friends who all played on PS4 decided to cowboy up and cross save to Xbox so they could finally play with lil ol me! It’s been a blast.  This, in conjunction with my new job where I make my own […]

From the Archives: An Ask About Houses/Homes

Originally posted on Tumblr on December 12, 2014 Anonymous asked: What home do you like / miss the most, and why? There’s this house we used to live in back in Montana, a beautiful house on the edge of a ravine with a wheat field beyond it, and a view of mountains all around. True “Big […]

The Most Dangerous Shade of Grey: Chapter Two

It’s very quiet. The light is muted. I am comfortable and warm in this bed. Hmm… I open my eyes, and for a moment, I’m tranquil and serene, enjoying the strange and unfamiliar surroundings. I have no idea where I am. I’m in a huge, beam-ceilinged bedroom with an ultra-modern canopied bed big enough for […]

The Most Dangerous Shade of Grey: Chapter One

Disclaimer: This is a parody. It’s also a crossover. Fifty Shades of Grey The Most Dangerous Game All I can really say to explain this is that I’ve read Fifty Shades probably,  I don’t know—four? five times?—for purposes of research for a podcast that was the whole reason I even made this blog in the […]

NYCM Round 2 Feedback, Dissected

Barely scraped by in third place in Round 2 of the NYC Midnight Short Story Competition, so I’m headed to Round 3. Between the start of April and today, I was offered a contract writing position and have been under pretty tight deadlines–all on TOP of my full-time day job–so this is an interesting week […]